Facial Aesthetics in Dentistry

At the most basic level, facial aesthetics are small, non-surgical treatments that make noticeable but subtle enhancements to your appearance. They can help mask or even delay the passage of time, giving the face, and the person, a small boost, thereby improving confidence as much as they improve a smile or skin.

Different treatments we can do:

  1. Anti-Ageing Injections
  2. Dermal Fillers
  3. PDO thread lifts

The effects then last for months – up to five months for the anti-wrinkle treatments and nine months for dermal fillers. Of course, the effects fade over time, which may put some people at ease, as the face changes over time treatment from years earlier might no longer give the desired look.

Instead, the treatments last for a good length of time but as they fade, a decision can be made. Should the initial treatment simply be repeated or has the face changed a little with time prompting a subtle change to how fillers and injections are used?

The process itself can also be a concern, some have a slight fear of injections or are nervous about the outcome.

That is why we go out of our way to put you at ease – treatments are often administered in smaller doses at frequent intervals to achieve the result the patient is happy with, not all at once for an overwhelming change.

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