Paediatric Dentistry

Here at Dental on Gray we firmly believe that a child’s first experience in a dental chair can greatly impact on their future attitude and feelings towards oral hygiene and dental treatment. We aim to create a friendly stress free environment for your child to ensure all future dental procedures and experiences are easy and pleasant for both you and your little one.

When should my child have their first check up?

We advise that their first check up needs to be between 6 months to a year old. Primary baby teeth usually start erupting during this period. There after we suggest you bring your child in for a check up every 6 months, depending on their oral hygiene.

We offer two options to treat children who are unable to cooperate with our dentists in the chair:

1) In Chair Conscious Sedation

This option is only available for children 6 Years or older and involves an experienced anaesthetist to put your child under sedation in order for the dentist to perform the necessary procedure. Your child will be able to breathe on his/ her own. They will be lucid during the procedure but will have no recollection of the events afterwards.

2) Theatre

This option is offered to children 6 years old and younger. Your child’s procedure will be done at the Knysna Advanced day clinic. His/her procedure will be administered under general anaesthetic. This is safe procedure and highly recommended by the dentists at our practice.


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