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You are on the Laser Treatments page.


Laser Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry

We make use of the Biolase EpicX Soft Tissue Laser. It assists us to simplify most of our dental cases. From tongue-ties to tooth exposure and frenectomies to even whitening, etc. The Biolase diode laser unit can (in some to most cases) be used without local anaesthetic with only the use of topical anaesthetic. This cancels out most of our patients’ fear for needles! It also saves time and overall provides a vastly improved patient experience.

The Biolase Diodes laser unit is used in the following treatments:
Epic X for Surgery, Pain Relief and Whitening Procedures

1) Frenectomies, Aesthetic Gingivectomies (Tooth exposure), and Periodontal Treatments – treatments of the following are non-invasive with minimal bleeding, little to no swelling, little discomfort and in most cases, there are no suturing required after treatment.

2) Laser Teeth Whitening – This treatment will take place in-chair and can take up to 60 minutes depending on the desired shade required.

3) TMJ Pain Relief and all other facial pain (This will require follow up treatments (10-12 treatments over a course of a few weeks)

4) Removing of pigmentation on the gums, canker (aphthous ulcers) and cold sores after one to two procedures.

For more information and procedures that can be done by using only this EPIC unit from Biolase, follow this link.

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