Orthodontics are offered as part of Dental on Gray’s wide selection of dental treatments and involves the use of appliances to bring teeth and jaws into correct and proper alignment

Dr Luzaan Van Zyl leads the Orthodontic treatment at Dental on Gray in Knysna, specializing in mainly Interceptive and Progressive Orthodontic treatments.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics is simply the early diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions (crooked, crowded or protruding teeth that are not properly aligned) in an attempt to prevent further need for treatment in later years. This may not completely eliminate the need for fixed braces or retainers, but it can drastically minimize the duration and difficulty in correcting the malocclusion during the further phases of orthodontic treatment

Progressive Orthodontics (Fixed Appliances)

This is the most common form of Orthodontic treatment, which typically consists of bands, wires and brackets that are bonded and fixed to the teeth. These are then gradually tightened to create tension that will in time’ gently move the teeth in to their correct position. Fixed appliances come in both metal and ceramic brackets. Metal brackets are often stronger and therefore the duration of treatment may be reduced in comparison to its counterpart. Ceramic brackets are tooth coloured, allowing them to be more aesthetically pleasing

Why should I consider having orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are most commonly considered by patients for its cosmetic and aesthetic attributes, providing a beautiful smile and filling the face for a more youthful appearance. It also provides physical and functional attributes that can drastically improve quality of life. Aligned teeth and jaws help with easier cleaning for better oral health, improve speech clarity, help with chewing and digestion and help avoid the wearing down of teeth with age

When should I bring my child in for their first Orthodontic Consultation?

Your child should come for a general orthodontic consultation around the age of 6 or 7 years of age, when their permanent teeth have started to erupt. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent the need to treat more complicated cases later, as they are still in the process of developing and their growth is able to be used as an advantage

What can I expect from my first orthodontic consultation?

  • A complete intra – and extra-oral examination
  • A panoramic and cephalmetric x-ray will be taken.
  • Impressions for models will be done.
  • Intra  – and Extra Oral photographs will be captured too
  • Dr van Zyl will then work on a complete diagnosis treatment plan and quotation

Before and After’s by Dr Van Zyl

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