Dental Lab

Dental Laboratories are centres of technology, science and art design that manufacture corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth. Drs de Villiers, Dippenaar, van Zyl and Rossouw work closely with our technicians to make sure that every patient feels confident and good about their smile. It gives us a great pleasure to see our patients by  happy using the most recent CAD/CAM systems and advanced technology for those “Hollywood Smile” results

The two laboratories that we use are Dencor and HCG Viljoen.

Dencor – owned by Louis Koen is based in George – he specialises in implant prosthetics, crowns and veneers. Louis makes use of CAD/CAM and Digital Smile Design (DSD) for our veneers / crowns and bridge. Read here for more information on the Digital Smile Design: Digital Smile Design – What is it exactly?

HCG Viljoen – owned by Calla Viljoen and based in Knysna – he specialises in removable prosthetics as well as crown bridge work. 



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